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Jacky's Lowpoly Spooky Pack

Fun and cute Lowpoly Spooky Pack! For Halloween, dungeons and cemetary themes.

–For sale on the Unity Assetstore–

Discover a wide range of Halloween-themed assets!

This package contains 207 Prefabs of the 120+ unique Assets included. Comes with 193 sprites of those assets to use as images in inventories!

Coffin lids and some pumpkin lids can be lifted! Most unique assets come in several color variations. There are some things that could glow, like the pumpkins with yellow eyes, for this a texture for emissive materials is included. Using a toon shader is recommend for the best looks but I just use the built-in mobile unlit shader.

Types of stuff: - Cemetery assets: headstones, modular walls and fences, etc - Vegetation: trees, shrub, grass, tall grass, pumpkins (6 types with color variations) - Halloween assets: scarecrow, candy, hats and props, etc - Dungeon/manor props: crates, barrely, guillotine, cages, coffins, candles, etc

Example Scene

Example Scene