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Jacky's Lowpoly Cake Pack

A big collection of colorful cakes, pies, teas and coffee props. Perfect for a café setting! This package contains 260+ Assets and many prefabs.
Mix and match wedding cake toppers for same-sex couples included with three skin tones!

Tris: 420tris average
Texture: 512x512px

Each cake comes with several prefabs:
full cake, 1-3 slices of cake, cake assembled from single pieces ("cut" version), slice of cake plated with fork, full cake in cake pan, "cut" cake in cake pan

Examples of food types:
Baumkuchen, american pie, princess cake, swiss roll, marzipan, chocolate, cheesecake varieties, brownies, bienenstich, spitcake, donuts, cupcakes, wedding cakes, pride cakes, tartes, loaf cakes, strudels, coffee, tea and more!